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Far Cry 2 a prequel of the isle shooter?

written by on 09.03.2008 at 20:21 | Comments (2)

As we have already heard, Far Cry 2Far Cry 2 has with Far Cry even very little or nothing to do. Nobody talks neither about a continuation of the isle shooter, nor that it is an indirect successor. Far Cry 2Far Cry 2 Headquarters reviewed if the two shooters have something together.

Let's look at the man on our left. The main character in Far Cry, Jack Carver, is a captain in a red shirt of a small freighter. Many people probably did not know what job Jack exerted before his trip to the island of Cabatu...

The man in our midst is Marty Alengar, one of many "Buddies", who helps the players in Far Cry 2Far Cry 2. And right here we go something deeper. If you have read the novel of the game Far Cry, the name Marty comes up. Jack Carver, who worked in his younger years for the CIA, was sent to - Africa - with the man who is called Marty. This is really far-fetched and the author could possibly orients himself next to the game Far Cry 2Far Cry 2.

We don't know who the third and last person exactly is, but if we carry on, it might be a supervisor Carvers - "Zaman". The fact that it is Jack Carver himself is rather doubtful.

Can such a context weld the two shooters in a way together?, Or is this whole story just a feint? Discuss with us!

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written by joe sampo on 14.03.2008 at 08:38
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written by Nuke on 12.03.2008 at 17:11
This freaks me out! by www.sereneworx.com