Far Cry 3 is coming 2012

Far Cry 3 is a tropical survival shooter video game from Ubisoft Montreal and Massive studios, coming on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2012.

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Far Cry 2 - Expansion already planned?

written by on 19.03.2008 at 00:24 | Comments (0)

The team of PlayStation Universe asked Patrick Redding, Game and Narrative Designer of Far Cry 2Far Cry 2, if there are plans for future downloadable content. Apparently a more or less infrastructure for such platform and some form of expansion is already planned. However, he said, that the team is fully concentrated to get this game done and that it would be much easier to create later content based on this platform.

Redding also revealed that they're looking into Sixaxis motion technology, and are looking to their game testers to evaluate the viability of it.

The game will as said endless times before have a simultaneous release on all platforms. Oddly enough that he mentioned that a release date may be announced in a few weeks time. The concept, gameplay and so on will completely be the same on Xbox 360 as well on PlayStation 3 and PC.

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