Far Cry 3 is coming 2012

Far Cry 3 is a tropical survival shooter video game from Ubisoft Montreal and Massive studios, coming on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2012.

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E3 2008

IGN - E3 2008: Far Cry 2 Hands-On Preview

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A new preview has appeared on IGN. In addition to interesting information about the game, which is more than 3 sites long, there is also a new exclusive Far Cry 2Far Cry 2 E3 2008 Trailer including 3 new screenshots available for you on our site.


Nighttime gameplay was the focus of a controlled demo before we got hands-on time. Littered around the game's large world are shacks where NPC companions hang out, waiting for you to show up and offer help or new objectives when it comes to missions, and where you can rest to pass the time. In this way it's possible to wait until night to head into a mission area, giving you better protection against being seen. Depending on your available weapon loadout, which in this case was a silenced MP5 and a scoped dart rifle, it was possible to sneak up to enemy encampments and soften up enemy defenses by eliminating tower guards and any scouts before moving into the main base area. Enemies tend to behave differently at night and more of them tend to be asleep, making this time of day a better opportunity to mount a successful assault.

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