Far Cry 3 is coming 2012

Far Cry 3 is a tropical survival shooter video game from Ubisoft Montreal and Massive studios, coming on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2012.

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Games Convention 2008

Far Cry 2 on Games Convention 2008

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The Games Convention 2008 comes closer and there are only 2 more weeks to go until the show begins. We will start our GC 2008 coverage now!.


The Games Conventio (sometimes called the Leipzig Games Convention, and abbreviated as GC) is an annual video game event in Leipzig, Germany, first held in 2002.

Furthermore you should be prepared for a big community update in the next weeks. Details coming soon!

However, be sure to check out our site on Friday, August the 8th. A secret will be disclosed then!

Ubisoft Competition

In the end we want to advise you of a competition of Ubisoft. If you want to play Far Cry 2Far Cry 2 before all other people and additionally want to talk with the developers, 10 of you now get the chance to do so!

All you have to do is to send an E-Mail in the next days to farcry.vip@ubisoft.com with your full name, your date of birth and why you want to be there (at GC)!

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