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Far Cry 3 is a tropical survival shooter video game from Ubisoft Montreal and Massive studios, coming on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2012.

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Crytek boss Cevat Yerli about Far Cry 2

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The CEO of the Far Cry developerteam Crytek, Cevat Yerli told the platform CVG, that he applauds Far Cry 2Far Cry 2's innovation / sequel.

ZitatCevat Yerli

I'm looking forward to playing Far Cry 2Far Cry 2.
I'm happy with the direction it [Far Cry 2Far Cry 2] took, with Africa and the scenario and the gameplay choices they want to make. So it allows the concept to co-exist and differentiates itself from Crysis and Far Cry. Which is good.

He added, that some ideas for Far Cry 2Far Cry 2 also were alumni ideas for Crysis, particularly the non-linear story.

ZitatCevat Yerli

It sounds good on paper and we tested out a couple of things, but it didn't work for us.

Last but not least he doesn't regret that he had left behind Far Cry.

ZitatCevat Yerli

I'm completely happy with Crysis. Crysis for us is the chance to do the first thing right and not to fix it in a sequel. For me, the first thing, effectively to set a base which we can expand upon in the future, is a lot stronger.

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